Footing Options

No one knows footing better than those who use it every day and recognize the pitfalls that develop with the wrong products. Arena Works footing has been formulated, designed, and tested by horsemen with real expertise. We know materials, we understand how they work together, and we can help you select the best product for your needs and budget. Our footing holds up to extensive wear and has demonstrated excellent stability, resiliency and shock absorbing qualities.

We believe in a team approach, working with your trainer, excavator or contractor to ensure the most efficient and successful preparation and installation of our footing product. Whether starting from scratch or working with an existing arena, we support our customers to secure that the sub-base and base are optimally prepared. We then actively consult or provide the installation of the footing product and then educate you or your team on how to optimally maintain it.

Gold Footing — Our most popular blend!

Arena Works Gold is our signature blend of footing that promotes maximum performance for horse and rider. In collected movements like piaffe, passage, and pirouette, dressage horses immediately feel the push back from this performance-enhancing footing. Providing exceptional traction and strong shock-absorption, jumpers gain confidence and a sense security during take-offs, landings and tight turns. This unique blend of carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand naturally bind together to produce a stable, long-lasting surface. Our premium footing promotes confidence, supports soundness and builds better performance. Arena Works Gold is a lively and resilient footing ideal for use indoor or outdoor.

Silver Footing

Arena Works Silver uses the same exact materials as the Gold Footing, just with a lesser ratio of the fabric/rubber combination. The sand amount and type will be the same as the Gold Footing.

This includes: carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand that naturally bind together to produce a stable, long-lasting surface.

Arena Works Silver creates a more economical choice yet ensuring a world-class, performance-enhancing footing.

*Please note that color variations may occur depending on the specific sand that you choose.

Bronze Footing

Arena Works Bronze is a durable blend of our custom ground crumb rubber and meticulously selected sand. This surface significantly improves performance over a sand-only footing with enhanced traction, stronger shock-absorption and increased stability.

In addition to standard-sized arenas, customers have chosen to use this less expensive option for larger arenas, outdoor tracks, and show facilities.

Custom Blend

Arena Works offers a variety of custom blends that incorporate our materials to fit any budget. We will work together with you in order to find out what your exact needs are and how we can incorporate a new footing within your budget.